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We are located in Gardner, KS. Phone: 913-626-4372
The Malay Fighting Arts Academy teaches the fighting
skills found in Southeast Asia such as Indonesian Silat,
Filipino Kali, and other arts combined into one system
called the Malay Fighting Arts (MFA). This is a highly
combative fighting method that drops all traditional
ceremonies and get down to the real reason for
training, COMBAT SKILL!!! Guro James Hogue has 35+
years of martial arts training, and 20+ years in high risk
security (Alarm Response, Bouncer, Picket Lines, &
Fugitive Recovery), as well as a Iraqi war veteran and
police officer. Guro Jim has had to use his art to defend
himself against violent criminal bent on Guro Jim
destruction by using sucker, and sudden attacks.
Guru Jim during a police training event for
traffic stops and approaches. Guru Jim spent
20+ years as a Security & Police Officer.
The Curriculum
The students will begin by learning the basic fighting concepts to build a solid base by learning
Panantukan (Filipino Boxing Called “Dirty Fighting”), body mechanics, and footwork
(Langkahs) to be able to strike and move. The student starts off by learning hand and foot
combinations while how to evade incoming strikes and kicks.

As the students progresses they learn Close Quarter Combat skills such as fighting from
Clinch, Takedowns from Dumog (Filipino Grappling) and other grappling skills, then into
locking and finishing moves. The MFA Academy grappling skills taught is upright grappling,
grappling from a kneeling position, and from the ground. Then the ground skills are finish with
Indonesian Harimau Silat (Ground Tiger Fighting) for a more complete fighting skill set.

The students will then learn the use of weapons, and use of improvised weapon to help
protect yourself. You’ll learn single stick, double stick, stick and knife, single knife, double
knife, and so on. A long with these skill sets you’ll learn the deployment and use of your
weapon with realistic combat to help better prepare you for what real life throws at you.
TIGER (Harimau and Matjanan):

A rare and sophisticated style seldom seen in the U.S. is a highly
effective method of fighting from the ground. The 3 divisions are:
Matjanan Tingi (High Tiger), Harimau (Low Tiger), and Matjanan Lontjat
(Leaping Tiger).
Invisible Counter